Fall 2018 and Fall 2019
Mesa Arts Center, Creative Aging Engagement Program
Project commissioned by the Mesa Arts Center
With participants from New Frontiers Life-Long Learning, Mesa Community College

Wood, nails, various fabrics and nets, wood, rope, twine, cords, cardboard, paint

Networks, intersections, webs …These linear structures are often the stuff of diagrams, maps and graphs that help us organize information.  Yet they also offer opportunities to explore the visual, material and metaphorical complexities of overlaps and meeting points. Rigidity and fluidity, organization and intuition, junctures and forks-in-the-road, highways and trails, grids and hopeless tangles, each of these elicits a different range of associations about networks of lines.  Over the course of 8 hands-on sessions participants create mixed media wall-hung sculptures that consider the possibilities inherent in intersecting and overlapping lines.  Lines may be loose and flowing, taut and rigid, 2- and 3-dimensional.  We utilize sculptural as well as fiber and textile processes to accumulate crisscrossing layers of lines and materials, as participants build their own linear structures that each weave a personal web of associations.

Session Documentation, fall 2018
Artwork Documentation, fall 2018
Artwork Documentation, fall 2019