CARE Phase 2: Carer Ensemble

Spring-Summer 2020
Carer Ensemble members:  Jay Alderson, Elliot Ellentuck, Katharine Halpin, Jenny Sullivan, Susanne Sutter, Tessa Windt

The second phase of the CARE project was embarked upon just as the Covid-19 pandemic began, resulting in its move to virtual sessions.  The six-member ensemble met weekly over 8 weeks to explore overlaps between care and creativity, both existing and the possibilities we could collectively begin to envision.  Our starting point were questionnaires completed by family caregivers caring for a spouse or parent living with memory loss.  Questionnaires, distributed to members of caregiver support groups offered by Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, sought to surface a poetic collective language of care based in the nuance and patterns of gesture embedded in the everyday experiences of caregiving. A second ensemble, a maker ensemble, is in formation.

Care Questionnaires
Carer Ensemble Sessions