Arts Engagement Program, Fall 2018

Text Gathering
Arts Engagement Program, Phoenix Art Museum (program for individuals with memory loss and their caregivers)

Project commissioned by the Phoenix Art Museum
Except where noted, images courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum. Photos by Airi Katsuta.

Fabric, ink, paper, marker, paint

This series of large-scale banners displays words and phrases generated through conversation by participants in the fall 2018 session of Phoenix Art Museum’s Arts Engagement Program. Participants were invited to respond to open-ended questions like ‘What do you wish for? Do you prefer to send or receive mail? What makes you feel comfortable? How do you like to start the day?’ among others. Reflecting on these conversations, participants distilled and reproduced their words to study the impact of material, context, and scale on our understanding of text. Collaborative groups embarked on the ambitious process of block-printing their words on a 30’ long banner.  Presented as a group, these 6 banners offer surprising new combinations that spark further poetic possibilities and a window into the imaginations of people living with dementia and their care partners.

Banner Phrases:  Someone took the time, Something to hold onto, My mountain my meadow, In my favorite chair, Homemade ice cream, I love to garden anyway

Handwriting Studies
Stencil Studies
Banner Printing
Banners at CityScape