Arts Engagement Program, 2015-2016

Color Block Drape, Mark-Making:  Record of a Site, Sculptural Painting, Enlarged Objects
Arts Engagement Program, Phoenix Art Museum (program for individuals with memory loss and their caregivers)

Projects commissioned by the Phoenix Art Museum
Image Credits for Color Block Drape:  Dave Tevis / Tevis Photo Graphic, LLC
Image Credits for Mark-Making:  Record of a Site  and Enlarged Objects:  Rebecca Albrecht/courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum

Fabrics, paint, wood, papers, variety of wet and dry black and white mark-making materials

While each of these four studio sessions engaged participants in a stand-alone creative process, there were two primary threads of inquiry that ran through the year’s sessions:  Sculptural relationships between rigidity and movement, structure and fluidity, as expressed via geometric form and drapery, and methods of recording familiar objects and environments via mark-making. Throughout all sessions, we played with scale and material, explored a variety of collaborative frameworks, and practiced critical looking and articulation of our observations.

Color Block Drape

Record of a Site

Enlarged Objects

Sculptural Painting