Parcel Post: Creative Exchanges Between Older Adults in North Carolina

A project of the Center for Creative Aging – North Carolina

6 sites / 60 participating artists / 60 collaborative art parcels /
12 weeks – an experiment in creative engagement

Cardboard boxes, paint, variety of papers and fabrics, markers

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Participating Sites:
Adult Center for Enrichment at River Landing, Colfax, Guilford County
Autumn Care of Biscoe, Biscoe, Montgomery County
Grace Martin Harwell Senior Center, Washington, Beaufort County
Pitt County Senior Center, Greenville, Pitt County
Universal Healthcare of Ramseur, Ramseur, Randolph County
Wayne County Senior Center, Goldsboro, Wayne County

Exhibition Venues and Dates:
City Arts at the Greensboro Cultural Arts Center, Greensboro
Exhibition May 6 – 28 2010
Beaufort County Arts Council, Washington
September 2 – October 13 2010

Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge, Greenville
Jan 7 – 29 2011

Arts Council of Wayne County, Goldsboro
March 3 – April 15 2011

Box 9:  Ruth Ingram, Lorraine Hodges, Larry Turne

Box 11:  Irene Saunders, Lucy Wilson, Jesse Boyd

Box 12:  Ruby Estridge, Margaret Bell, Ricky Lawson, William Moore

Box 15:  Becky Bowman, Sara Brown, Dwight Angel

Box 19:  Joyce Dorsett, Audrey Johnson, Dwight Angel, Linda Richardson

Box 20:  Ruby Lanier, Hattie Batts, Joquita Mayfield

Box 22:  Marie Crisco, Mamie Herring, Margaret Pittillo, Ricky Lawson

Box 34:  Bynum Owens, Glenda Barnes, Frances Hancock, Judy Jones

Box 35:  Irene Brewer, Merritt Clark, Sonia Lopez

Box 38:  Amelia Sanchez, Margaret Pittillo, Pat Carlson, Betty Langley

Box 43:  Grace Rue, Joyce Dorsett, Amelia Sanchez, Joquita Mayfield

Box 45:  Charles Mason, Susie Kirk, Hattie Batts, Margaret Pittillo

Box 46:  Toni Reiner, Dick Osborne, Amanda Mosley, Pat Murray, Tom Ragan,
Sara Brown

Box 59:  Marie Crisco, Patricia Clemons, Herman Ashford

Box 60:  Mamie Herring, Ruth Morton, Betty Langley, Bynum Owens