Hand Made Story Lab, 2011-2013

Creative Aging Outreach Program
Project commissioned by the Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ

With participants from Sirrine Adult Day Health Services, Oakwood Creative Care, Fellowship Square Senior Living-Mesa and Mesa Active Adult Center

Selected Artworks (artists and titles listed top to bottom and left to right):

Pat Barber
Rita Hawkins
Mary Thomas
Blanca Silva, Mist
Claude Annis (started by Lawrence Marshall), Country House
Dorothy Iverson, This is my family. They are very healthy children.
Pat De Blake
Helga van Muijen
Sharen Kellogg
Mimi McKenna, 1263 Kepler Road, Toledo, Ohio

Every older adult participating in this project began with the same faceted geometric form. By adding layers of tactile 2- and 3-dimensional materials and forms, participants sculpturally modified and transformed this foundation form and its surface.

Each resulting artwork presents a unique history of overlapping marks and personal gestures whose materiality hovers between image and sculpture.

A video component forms a record of the moments of creativity that every artist encounters regardless of age, and of associations awakened during the creative process. Click here to view videos.