CARE Phase 1: Duets

Phase 1 occurred in 2019 – Project remains ongoing
Independent collaborative project with individuals and groups caring for a loved one with memory loss
Photos by Airi Katsuta

I am currently researching a new project around caring and the experience of caregiving and its larger cultural value.  At this phase of the project I am working collaboratively with individual caregivers in an intimate studio setting. 

Any vital creative practice contains within it the inevitability of uncertainty, disorientation, and non-linear choice-making in its search for reciprocity, meaning and connection.  This understanding of the creative experience could just as accurately be applied to the concept of ambiguous loss as outlined by Dr. Pauline Boss in her work with caregivers, particularly those caring for a loved one living with dementia.  The first phase of this project grows out of a curiosity about the nature of the overlaps between creative practice and ambiguous loss and what the two can offer one another to expand, in Boss’s words, ‘our ability to hold opposing ideas of absence and presence.’  

Session Documentation – Kirk
Session Documentation – Jay
Session Documentation – Susanne
Session Documentation – Wendy
Process Artifacts