Arts Engagement Program, Spring 2018

Ephemeral Processes:  Spatial Drawing, Shape Arrangement
Arts Engagement Program, Phoenix Art Museum (program for individuals with memory loss and their caregivers)

Projects commissioned by the Phoenix Art Museum
Images courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum. Photos by Airi Katsuta.

Fabric, vinyl, cardboard

Studio sessions in spring 2018 focused on ephemeral processes, that is, art that exists for just a brief time thereby bringing our attention to the present moment.  Over the course of both sessions we explored strategies for working with material in space and in time. We used our bodies and fabric to collaboratively – and playfully! – draw in space and on tables, to discover what we can create with just these simple elements, as well as to explore composition and documentation.  We then worked together to make large-scale geometric shapes and then used them to collaboratively make a floor composition in a new space.  We re-contextualized our shapes to explore how what we do in the studio can connect us with other public spaces and the larger community.

Spatial Drawing
Shape Arrangement
Closing Celebration