Arts Engagement Program, Fall 2019

Accumulate, Take Apart, Assemble
Arts Engagement Program, Phoenix Art Museum (program for individuals with memory loss and their caregivers)

Projects commissioned by the Phoenix Art Museum
Images courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum. Photos by Airi Katsuta.

Papers, acrylic paint, ink, markers, oil pastels

Studio sessions in fall 2019 explored collage, emphasizing it as a process of combining things together in new ways, and as an opportunity to see things with fresh eyes, often leading to surprises and new discoveries.  In our first sessions we worked at a very large scale, using big arm movements to accumulate collage materials while exploring color, shape and line.  In the second sessions, we used what we made initially as our materials by cutting up, recombining the pieces and gluing them in place.  We said goodbye to the big pieces of paper in order to say hello to all the new possibilities of what we could do with the resulting variety of colorful pieces. 

Session Documentation
Artwork and Exhibition Documentation